29 avril 2008

Larraskito :: disCo...mment

presented as "specialized in unusual musics" or better, but in spanish "un netlabel con una misión de investigación antropológica sobre el ser respecto a la música, clasificando aquellos que crean, incluso sin pretenderlo. En el tienen cabida cualquier tipo de expresión sonora inusual o no tanto. No entendemos de géneros, solo de verdades.", Larraskito is a new and very promising project of MM Miguel García (aka Xedh) & Alejandro Durán Barreiro - Starting from an onerous finding (and unfortunately true) of galloping standardization of the netaudio scene mainly due to the very narrow vision of a few unbearable and pretentious netlabels cracking behind the dismal phrase "sorry, your release is not quite enough unconsistent for our microscopic vision", Larraskito wants to be a platform for moving projects and artists particularly attached to a recurrent idea of experimentation and more, to their artistic benevolent freedom.
Even if on this place the best crosses ... less better, Larraskito deserves special attention and should inspire number of musical vocations and we strongly hope, netlabels least ... macroscopic cautious

:: Larraskito

1 avril 2008