28 décembre 2008

Gollywop :: eclypse

:: 51beats

Squadra Omega :: tenebroso

:: tenebroso at archive.org
:: clinical archives
:: Squadra Omega

an almost shamanic experience, Squadra Omega leaves no alternative, "Tenebroso" catch you and prevail without any defined destination. a "one way ticket" of 20 minutes also gratifying cannot be refused.

Siegmar Fricke :: atemkalk

:: this plague of dreaming
:: atemkalk page at archive.org
:: Siegmar Fricke

new avatar of the Siegmar Fricke's pharmakutik experimentations, "atemkalk" does not just contained soda, much the general about both becomes micro-surgery - an atemkalk successful solution

26 décembre 2008

various artists :: popular is wrong

Noisome - God is Wifi 801
Huron :: all kind
Bichi :: ysoga
Boris Divider :: genoma
Sr.Aye :: bertsolari
Metropol :: riot
Pleq :: my trip
Rec_Overflow + Crisopa :: negative
Funckarma :: wack spine
Tupperware :: i scream for ice cream
Eedl :: tone clutter
FMcontrol :: rev dump perspective
Burdeos :: acromion
Az-Rotator :: load memory
Sytrjv :: company overflow
Sumire :: makeshift jumping-off point

:: plataforma-ltw

forgotten in the storm by inadvertance, and moreover, by me when it was released on october 2008, this wonderful and protean compilation from plataforma, was hopefully reported recently by our friend, Javier Rubio - Muchas gracias Javier, este logro se merece, de hecho, intensa atención

24 décembre 2008

Bong :: albatross

:: bypass
:: Bong

can we fall in love for a track ?
the answer is yes! we can ...
if the track is called "18"

23 décembre 2008

Ayankoko with Klaas Huebner :: oscillatorfruitjuice

:: archive.org
:: a clinical archives release

qu'il soit seul, ou présentement en compagnie de Klaas Huebner, Ayankoko est un bien étrange phénomène, un EVP oublieux de son V, une esquisse d'onde tangible mais impalpable, accessoirement ludique ou partiellement inquiétante, un phénomène en absolue opposition à tout rationalité (noumène), la recette d'un pétillant et délicieux jus de fruit, néanmoins oscillant, en quelque sorte.

22 décembre 2008


after a few times spent in that great adventure, i have finally decided to leave the n0theen project. How sadly is that decision, it is simply a terrible lack of time needed, which requires me to stop my collaboration and obviously to regret it - Nicolas None and Mogwai are actually creating a real great new opportunity for many fabulous artists of the netaudio scene - I'm sure n0theen will have some great consequences for all, artists, netlabels and, of course us, listeners.
noCo...mment will forever stayed an unconditional support of this project.

thank you so much n0theen ... yes!

thierry massard / 23 déc. 2008

:: n0theen

various artists :: pillow drifts

01. Muhr :: de la neige dans la tête (Christmas song)
02. Coax :: quiet minds reprise
03. Woodworkings :: one winter, two years gone
04. Emanuele Errante :: reloading xmas
05. Pocka :: polaris broken dub
06. Shiftless :: icicles

:: apegenine

>> video teaser by Vincent Fugère

11 décembre 2008

monographic 034 | thinner

01 Gabriel Le Mar – Funkstern (unreleased)
02 Daniel Gardner – Under The Shower Tower (Alland Byallo Mix)
03 Leif – The Tempo Of My Indicator
04 Leif – Odd Wannabe (unreleased)
05 Gurtz – Klok
06 Daniel Gardner – Under The Shower Tower
07 Leif – Political Correctness Gone Mad (unreleased)
08 Gabriel Le Mar – Minitex (unreleased)
09 Gabriel Le Mar – Love Dub (unreleased)

:: INQ Mag
:: thinner

Nettare - the italian electronic netlabels community :: nettare001

01 Jambassa/Tobler rmx - Red Words | Inv3rno
02 Nheap - Nunc | Musicaoltranza digital
03 Simone Pelliconi - Time for a body cream | Chew-Z
04 Mihi Lavish feat. Brothermartin - Spanny | Homework records
05 Mass Prod - A night for you | Flexible
06 Dadub - Cargonauta | Aquietbump Label
07 Abstraakt - A new sun is rising | Nastro rec
08 De haan_spruit - Take w2-2 | Rudimentale
09 Dubmode - Powertothepippa | Signorafranca
10 Hugo vs Andrae - What the bleep | Tonimusic
11 Punknow - waitin’ | Costreect
12 Memathical - Gigas | Ruzzy rec
13 Topper - Rosaplot | Silenzio
14 Phooka - Cut_1 | Barfog
15 Jaeck The Bit - Innocent cyber woman | Quantum bit
16 Oto - My Jolly | Muerte pop
17 Feder - Draw Power | Microlabel
18 Gollywop - the Precrime Program | 51 beats
19 Neeva - The incredible adven. of tommy illfiger | Pitjamajusto
20 Con_cetta - Completion | Zymogen

:: nettare

3 décembre 2008

Toxic Chicken :: pure playground acid

:: weird and wired
:: Toxic Chicken
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deee-sign :: 720x120

1 / décembre 2008

2 / décembre 2008

3 / décembre 2008

4 / décembre 2008

"we're a graphic, web, multimedia and audiovisual design studio, formed by Angel Galán and Miguel Angel Lastra in Madrid. We have collaboration of diferent people in some projects like Javier Camuñas, Antonio López o Sergio Rodriguez.

We try to find the armony between the usability, simplicity and design.
We look around us and try to understand some social realities and expres our ideas through design (and sometimes is only job, jeje)"

:: deee-sign
:: 720x120

1 décembre 2008

Yes ? ... n0

Since now a few yea...times and far from a hype and/or simple tabula rasa or nihilistic vision on things (oh sweet nothing) is the incredible creative profusion of the netaudio scene, especially on the open source protocols and some places, like this one, can testify days after days.

No longer an epiphenomenon, the netscene is now a real blade substance and, we are likely to be convinced, perhaps, incidentally, the future of ... music ! - it will be a lack of taste to be absent, isn't it?

after a few tons of mails, abyssal conversations, hours and centuries of procrastinations and positive hesitation, Nicolas None, mixmedia artist, initiator of the project, with the complicity of the great webactivist Mogwai from Kreislauf and a Frenchy who passed through here, have decided to give a window, a sound to some daily enthusiasms and more, to all those fabulous musicians and actors of the scene - it so deserves.

in the coming days (and weeks), n0theen will improved and progressed the project, we just hope you will join and share aswell this great new adventure - thank you.

thierry massard - iC°n°...clast

:: n0theen

:: mySpasms
:: last.fm n0theen group