28 mai 2007

various artists :: sprite

8 guests of great scale, including Martin Donath - Monzur - Sunner Soul - Karri O. - Georg Neufeld (feat. Astral T.) - Two_Em - Holz or the immense Rich vom Dorf - the technoïd slope of Staedtgruen is particularly lighting and emblematic of the general high level of this requiring label.

:: stadtgruenlabel

25 mai 2007

24 mai 2007

Japanese Gum :: talking.silently ep

a harmonious sedimentary sound archaeology, without a shade of dissonant asperities, for a very (very) promising duo.

:: marsiglia records

grazie Luca

23 mai 2007

Takeshi Nakamura :: miscellaneous goods

d'après vous, à quoi ressemble un tel aboutissement ? Takeshi Nakamura atteint si élégamment une absolue quintessence - you must absolutely go up the history, then say ::
before, i was really fan of "ordinary days" ...

:: zymogen

22 mai 2007

720x120 :: xNoleet

First guest of the noCo sideproject :: 720x120, here is a part of the work of the visual artist :: xNoleet for this project. This original work will be the block-title of this blog until the posting of the next guest. I am very proud and honored, xNoleet accepted to inaugurate this experience and thank him grandly. His entire contribution to this project can be found on the dedicated 720x120 blog

:: xNoleet

16 mai 2007

Eastern Electric :: troidal core

imperious impe-dance, presented as a "hardtrance unit" from Tokyo, where you can immediately perceive a hyperactive fusion of acceleration (evidence), a carbon dioxid boiling mixed with pixellized scratchy icons of the city - incandescent

:: quiet lounge

15 mai 2007

eap :: selected works 05-07

here is an enthralling and very selected production panorama of the more than mysterious EOD, realized through one of the most singular post-netlab experimentation of the scene - need some more teaser ?

:: m05v.moozi

14 mai 2007

Anton Cherkasov aka Holden :: re and ex

some good preserves of Anton Cherkasov justifying the "ex". "Re" testifies of the vitality of this leading figure of Nizhny Novgorod, for whom it is now time to work on a brand new and full length release.

:: 20kbps rec.
:: the-questionnaire

11 mai 2007

Patrick Balthrop :: sundowner

marvellous numbness, however this "sun downer" is bright. From time to time, Patrick Balthrop has good reason to escape from movie theaters.

:: xynthetic

10 mai 2007

The Kirbi :: sunport

talking about 2007 and a bit far from the promising running highlights of the ::marathon ep (…) or the absolute gem contribution for the first homework compilation ::we have different sounds, The Kirbi (aka Denis Fomenko) is offering to negative sound institute, a less convincing release in reason of some too mainstream temptations – let us just forget this little «faux-pas» without consequence, and paraphrasing the title of Denis great HW track, the game is far from being over.

:: negative sound institute

8 mai 2007

Throatwobbler Manegrove :: disposabled weiredos of technocracy

where some are talking about a possible "dark industrial ambient techno", which is finally reducing a point of view to current single thought , others will probably have different certitudes, very definitely less "currently single thought" and as our old Monthy Python friends say :: "
"How have people mispronounced your name? How is it supposed to sound?
It's spelled "Raymond Luxury Yacht" but it's pronounced "Throat Wobbler Mangrove".

:: crazy language

4 mai 2007

Elektroherd :: suló bench

a ... "suló bench" where appears the relevant word dada, and fortunately fearing the insipid and weak virtuosity.

:: earth monkey productions
:: arterija

2 mai 2007

OCP :: descansar um bocadinho

after the great "atmos" for serein, this release is the one of perfect plenitude for OCP - João Ricardo is from now on, to regard as an immense artist.

:: bandcamp