23 décembre 2007

info :: free music charts 2007

with 23 other people ( artists, bloggers, label coordinators ... ) i have been asking by Sven Swift to give my personal top 5 for 2007, here it is

:: Phlow Magazine

15 décembre 2007

Audio Objekt :: vår nya värld

an (audio) object of fantasy and technological desire, this mix "cover-tribute" to the cyclists, added with an original track, featuring Ralf Hutter himself, makes easily forget some recent "8-Bit Operators hot cheap" hersatz and exacerbates also, the lack of news from Düsseldorf.

:: Audio Objekt

2 décembre 2007

JMMS :: almost everything i want to say

Pseudo popstar temptation ? second hand clone, hybrid of a Marilyn Manson washing powder passed through a real kitchen mixer trash TV ?
It is always astonishing to see that those mystifications and egos have still, some assiduities from ... who ? after all.
Fortunately for JMMS, some "songs" leave this toy shop window.
Let us be serious, it is now a long time ago that this futile rock theatre thing is honestly dead of its unrrespectful death - except the make-up manufacturers, who still wants some insipid prolongations ?

:: ekleipsi
:: kafka

Toxonic :: lost alias

i am not generally that much fan of those formal presentation texts coming from labels ... no way, i am also that much afficionado of welcomed self ... contradiction

"This is an army of dark, dry Drum'n'Bass -Beats,marching up your nerves, to celebrate their glory on the beaten battlefield of your brain.
Their weapons are down, but their armament is tight.
No need to fight, they’ll win anyway.
They came from deep down to take you over.
The surrender may exhaust you, but there will be no regrets."

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