31 mars 2009

Sammy Stein :: 720x120

prehistoric landscape 1 / avril 2009

"My work is about strange feeling, popular mythology, live and death, ruins, little details of life... The serie “prehistoric landscape” for the 720X120 project is about some imaginary landscapes before human or creatures live on this planet, or another."

Sammy lives and works in Paris.

:: 720x120

Grim on Mbient :: gathering the rise (mix)

a gift to celebrate springtime with appearance from J Scott Smith, and a somptuous label rearview mirror mix of Grim on Mbient to also distinguish macroscopic horizons with the most didactic tracklist, we could possibly imagine :: Phasen, Statedlife, Renu, Orange Crush, GABRIEL, Electricwest, Track53, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Sarin Sunday, Saturday Index, Frequent C, Lithium Enchantment, Experience. Hold., Ophibre, Sinkfield, Loafeye, Trills, Skink, Corwin Trails, Hills West.

:: archaic horizons
:: Grim on Mbient

Para :: motion dub ep

an especially surprising sweetened release, a floating watercolor, the first and only false note (forget it) of the so inspired aquietbump label ... let us now offer new opportunity to Para to try hot spicy sauces.

:: aquietbump
:: Para

26 mars 2009

noCo...mmuniqué :: bypass notepad

far from "twitt-twitt the facebook-er from myspace shi...p", is an oasis, the netlab bypass invites you to visit its "notepad", a gold mine carefully moderated by ZhangJW, whose quality of work is further than evident - a precious netaudio embassy in Beijing and a gem for afficionado of that (so elegant) scene.

:: bypass notepad

:: discogs > ZhangJW

25 mars 2009

Nobara Hayakawa :: trail

DIY intimism of good quality, a great achievement, sometimes a bit standard, rough part is that irrepressible love for a vacuum cleaner from the author - when the reality is beyond the traditional framework - anything goes ... and this is where we are, right next to you Miss Hayakawa

:: intervall-audio
:: Nobara

thanks to yamanotedreams

24 mars 2009

noumenon & phenomenon :: a year in free music

how to explore in full light or darkest, the unfathomable richness of the netaudio scene ? easy - it's up to you now to spend a pretty good year with that inspired concept and the daily tasty recommendations of the journalist Thomas l.Raukamp on noumenon & phenomenon - Yesterday, was the immense Ian Hawgood (::the questionnaire) with the perfect "soundtrack to a film in my head which will never get made" on the day side, and the nonless interesting "aromatherapy" of Waveform for the darker hours. now (impatient) what about today ?

:: noumenon & phenomenon

Sytrjv :: adiscipling vehicula

adiscipling ? nous n'irons pas sur ce terrain marécageux - alors "vehicula" ? oui d'avantage, et aussi quelques autres certitudes affairantes.
Avec cette réalisation de Brainstormlab, Sytrjv donne volontiers forme et force à une multiplicité de soundscapes. La matière n'est confondante qu'en apparence, car elle est de celles qui fait notre actuelle intimité connectique, ces basses tensions amies (et domestiquées), ce grain particulier des liens latex de nos lecteurs mp3, ce crissement velouté d'oreillettes épousant nos conduits auriculaires, et même ces amplifications asservies de membranes feutrées et rythmiques. Sytrjv navigue en territoire connu (herd hub) mais n'oublie pas, à contrario de l'ascètique et excellent artwork de Bhatoptics, une sorte de "colloratura instrumentale" autant dangereuse (chronichrome) que chatoyante ... minimalisme ?

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:: artwork by Bhatoptics

19 mars 2009

die minimalistin :: lichttod

Tanja Dovens (die minimalistin) is a very fascinating artist, one of those complex personalities, who projects their work, their environment, or sometimes just ... a complete universe with a prerequisite and insolent determination. lichttod (death light) is not immune to this amazing fascination - no half-measures in there, the soundscapes are going far beyond the frame, we must move on carefully - even dead, the lights are always alone.

:: archive.org
:: clinical archives
:: die minimalistin

17 mars 2009

Aeterna :: initiation

futilities - empty words - futilities ? admit that we do not care,
we slipped into these meanders and this feeling of fake cognitive intimacy - fraudulent, like the thrill of disobedience - is it an "initiation" ? nothing is less certain, Mikaela Klyueva gives more than an approach, a surface to things, a detachment and a real close - it is initially unusual and so meticulous - an ... initiation, a door to open.

:: prozent
:: Aeterna

12 mars 2009

Labkopp :: labkopp

Labkopp ? there is this french expression which says "toutes les fées se sont penchées (including the artwork)sur son berceau" then, what else ? dexterous ? discerning ? fine ? subtle ? clever ? sharp ? perceptive ? clear sighted ? ...

:: kreislauf
:: Labkopp
:: artwort by NLz

10 mars 2009

Luís Antero, Marcus Kürten :: stall

Comment donc quelques sympathiques moutons à Coimbra, quelques charmantes vaches dans leur étable rhénanes, chirurgicalement décryptés et enregistrés, par deux parfaits poètes atmosphériques, comment donc quelques bêlements et meuglements techniquement scènographiés, peuvent-ils si habilement nous séduire et nous persuader que, dans un monde où l'on "entend", l'écoute est encore synonyme de partage et donc d'humanité. Cette magnifique réalisation de Messieurs Luis Antero et Marcus Kuerten réhaussée d'un formidable remix de ZhangJW, est assurément nécessaire et emblématique. Nécessaire car elle invite à l'ascèse des sens, emblématique car elle oblige également à une simplification non feinte. l'écoute et le partage, la quintessence des musiciens ? meuhhhhh !*

* muh ! moo !

:: bypass
:: Luis Antero
:: Marcus Kürten
:: ZhangJW

:: Marcus Kuerten / the questionnaire
:: ZhangJW / the questionnaire

Eloïse Venho :: 720x120

bad bday / mars 2009

After a few weeks off, here is the first 2009 guest of 720x120 project, Eloïse Venho is a french graphic designer, working in illustration and animation fields. Also passionated about nature and horseback riding, Eloïse lives in Helsinki.

:: 720x120

4 mars 2009

Antanas Jasenka :: exe.rpm

if you look at closer to releases such as the brilliant "metal alloy" for NTT or this "exe.rpm", for the more and more impressive clinical archives netlab, you can have a quite good perception of the becoming work of Antanas, the abstraction eventually hardened, the man from Vilnius has considerably relativize its relationship with the intangible - hard times !

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:: clinical archives