28 juin 2007

Marsen Jules :: golden

Not very far from those brilliant and (i no longer want to talk about «am-bient» a word which mostly compromises itself like an airwick-spray in a living-room) quiet spring releases , that you may find somewhere behind the lines of this tribune, is the new album of Marsen Jules. The discreet artist from Dortmund is, from now on, a reference for those who wait for a work in perfect balance, between quiet exploration and great obvious mmmh ... classicism ? Anyway, “golden” does not derogate from this tasty behaviour.

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:: Marsen Jules

17 juin 2007

Laura Palmer :: background

if it is true that "this" Laura Palmer previously prevailed under the charming name of 'unabomber' (aka Mihály Ballók) let us be convinced that all this is promised to a destiny much more ... brilliant. However the darkness of the general matter, "Background" is made of 3 splendid pieces and a remix of Marko Füerstenberg declined in a sound amplitude of an absolute perfect reserve, full control for a very beautiful work coming from a small town by the lake Balaton in Hungary.

:: thinner

various artists :: celebration compilation # 03

01_Juno6 - Salamis
02_Steffen Bennemann - Don't Look Back
03_Douglas Greed - Underneath Those Stairs
04_A'dam - Minimal Slut
05_Kultobjekt - C1AL15
06_Frank Molder - Reflectocube
07_Koerner54 - Das Dub Ding
08_Audiokonstrukte - Deciding in Space
09_Glander - Haecho
10_Nicorola - Franz
11_Latex Distortion - Time for Oxtail Soup
12_Endlos - Das musste ja so kommen
13_Gary West feat. Funky Lothar - Millstone Blues

as a manner of William B cut-up :: don't look back, Das musste ja so kommen (That had to come in such a way), minimal slut deciding in space underneath those stairs

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16 juin 2007

Phoenelai :: phoensnd ep - limmin lp

On 16 juin 2007, 15h06m Phoenelai wrote me ::
"...I wanted to let you know if you were interested but Retinascan.de has my first single phoensnd and LP Limmin now available for download. I think Limmin was some really cool work and you might enjoy. Go to www.retinascan.de and search Phoenelai."
let me please simply confirm this excellent self-evaluation, with a very personal and particular interest for the tremendous "E.L.F."
thank you Phoenelai and let us signal his interesting new sideproject called acid bleu - please enjoy these releases !

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:: phoensnd
:: acid bleu

14 juin 2007

Dissolved :: the silica sleep coils

Release after release, Dissolved is succeeding where artists, such as Milieu, have deeply and nonchalantly failed by gradual indigence . Producer of an elegant, enthusiasming and formidably (we approach tungsten) generous downtempo, Dissolved work's is a splendid crossover from a forgotten world (the previous 80’s scene including references such as Cocteau Twins, Coil …) and a luxuriant sound environment in which, the man is a concrete and relevant enigma.
this silica ... a gem

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:: Dissolved

3tronik : anpassung

:: sutemos

Engine Ear :: start the engine

Sometimes hybrid of the cult band neu! ('drehmoment') and always in mechanical fluidity, Engine Ear privileges a form of instinctive tribalism scented with nitromethane ... start the engine !

:: kreislauf

720x120 :: Jürgen Rieger

anonym_01 / juin 2007

After xNoleet, and second guest of the 720x120 noCo sideproject, Jürgen Rieger is visual artist, graphic designer, musician and coordinator of label. "anonym_01" is the first pic out from a serie - The upcoming entire contribution of Jürgen to this project can be found on the dedicated 720x120

:: Jürgen Rieger

8 juin 2007

Nol’ :: orange

The savours from the man of Chelyabinsk (Russia) are as rich, as they are composite, all along the different phases of this one piece concept. A remarkable first attempt for this new label from Moscow.

:: sharing my wings

Polina Voronova :: luxurious

Funny how life goes, funny how somedays look blank, waste of time, apathy and, at least, a total absence of conviction. It was probably what happened to your trusty servant, on this february day, date of release of this so-called luxuriant object of desire which, listening after listening, doesn't have cease to be coveted -
Funny how life goes… one night and no decisions.

:: musica excentrica

7 juin 2007

Misk :: pathos

camouflaged behind a double bottom inconsistent genre (the dubstep), Misk, dj and producer, offers us an ep impressed with bright nuggets as less natural as they all are the most shiny. far from being amphigoric, ::pathos briskly upset some standards of perception and that is well done. 'shuggoth' and 'moonbeast', which close the release, are pure gems.

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5 juin 2007

5w :: SEMlabel

first guest of the new noComment itv page :: 5w,
here is

1who ?
:: SEM label
2what ?
:: music
3where ?
:: world
4when ?
:: now
5why ?
:: why not?

:: SEMlabel
thanks to MM. Alex Navarro and Sacha Vojvodic

4 juin 2007

The Green Kingdom :: the green kingdom

Do you have a friend ?
Do you have someone with, you can just seat on a chair, talk (or not) about this pretty girl you just have crossed in the street, someone with whom you can just say that life is boring these days, without any consequence, someone with whom you can just listen to this small clickety-clack coming from a tiny string alternatively rubbing a shutter or the old gutter and then have a conversation on the deep interest of recording field sounds in the post-contemporary european culture for finally just come back to the initial nice girl of the street. Since the last year and the perfect ::lucky bamboo for eko, i now know that a musical creation can (easily) become a sort of immaterial (“broken moonbeam”) vector for friendship. The music of Michael Cottone is very far from the historical sound of motor city, far from any regulation and standard output activities, free and without particular fasteners, if it is not of a deep sincerity, of this sincerity of harmless gestures, these harmless gestures exchanged between friends –
You have a friend.

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:: lucky bamboo