25 février 2008

Xedh :: exadh

"Miguel A. García (aka xedh) is one of the few artists working in the laptop domain that manages to go beyond the sterile audio terrain that many practioners of digital music tend to get lost in and never find a way out. Xedh exploits the pristine frequencies and extreme sonic range...and still ensures that his music has some muscle and perhaps a bit of humor. In his new mp3 ep for zeromoon he uses sounds from a few artists (simon daniel, thierry massard, & rafael flores) and throws in some of his own using a mixer, mics, sine waves, and treated sounds. In his own words: "It's somehow curious to watch in an almost unconscious way how links generate themselves, in this case between people/sounds connected by their escape from more established shapes. The hidden face of one of the most active characters of the most extreme german industrial music, a french critic-poet with the rediscovered sin of youth, and a living legend among the Iberian experimental music scene. I really was Between them, myself and the intention of a piece which I expected to make them to engage in a dialogue and to exist here and now together: a kind of tribute to the others. But when i tried it, i had to face the impossibility of generating something real
without having them transformed, internalized, absorbed, and to finally recognize myself in them too. I couldn't deny myself. So what this piece brought up was the confrontation between differences, between the other and self, between the foreign and own, the external, the internal, outside, inside, confused to be just one. A piece about being human." Sounds good to me, now go get it."

(Text by Jeff Surak - courtesy of zeromoon)

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:: Xedh contribution for "hands on tm - subverted versions" - for kreislauf

23 février 2008

A.A.V.V. :: italian dub community / showcase vol.1

01 moa anbessa - what a day
02 moa anbessa - what a dub
03 wicked dub division - one blood
04 wicked dub division - one blood dub
05 sardinia bass legalize feat. rootsman I - who
06 sardinia bass legalize feat. papan'to - who dub (melodica version)
07 earth ground combination - dem nuh cool
08 earth ground combination - dem nuh dub
09 jambassa - shining yambasei's stones
10 jambassa - shining dub
11 br stylers - jah plan
12 br stylers - jah plan version
13 imperial sound army feat. dan I - creation
14 imperial sound army feat. dan I - creation vers.
15 ldm_linea di massa - mr.silvio
16 ldm_linea di massa - mr.silvio dub
17 music inna house feat. sister 40 - across the mountain
18 music inna house feat. sister 40 -across the dub
19 rah & mighty prophet -redemption troopers
20 rah & mighty prophet - dub redemption

do you want a challenge for ending every nuclear winter ?
just try to resist to this "transalpino bomba umana" !

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16 février 2008

Crisopa :: disCo...mment

all begins a morning, or was it the end of a day, i can honestly don't really remember. The only memory is perhaps a feeling, a very particular experience, like on a strange and alternative position, between two slices of times, with an irresistible desire, this particular desire of keeping that situation, as active as possible in a part of our personal hard disk.

click on play - we are back in 2005 and the inspired spanish netlabel plataforma-LTW have the rich idea to release the :: bisagra ep. Opening on "ovulos", under a discreet electronica introduction, the release gives all its elegant intentions with "nestro viajo 747", and it is now certain that we shall henceforth have all the reasons to take care about the gato.
The bisagra ep is also the place of "regalos" which ends the release and durably marks the previous impressions - this first release is undoubtly a success.

1 Oct 2006, we are still in Spain, and this time, the place is Persona-isla, an island or rather the ideal jewel box for :: filamentosa.
As much to say it immediately to you, this release holds one of the major parts of the composer, and this highlight is named "suñeos de barbirusa".
The first impression on opening ::filamentosa is something close to an incredible expression of large soundscape, an absolute tangible control on the center of all the tracks, a sentiment which from now on, will be the splendid and perfect recurring mark of this musician. :: filamentosa is a succession of entrancing constructions, gracile building with a light charm but also with the effectiveness more than frightening - some great art !

The third step of this new noCo disco-graphical section, is due to the twice contributions for the drifting skywards compilations of the french netlabel, cold-room.
a fidelity to the label and also probably an evident complicity of interest for the beautiful work - once again, and in the case of "buen genoma" as also for "north left", the writing confirms this absolute control but for the first time doubled of a new item, an expressionnist tentation or better, a narrative desire.

without being a real ambient bend, :: medicamentosa, realised just a year after :: filamentosa, gives initially a darker depths (santa claus a las 6) fastly boosted by the narrative accelerations of "Algo Cián" allowing us to appreciate the art of travel higher. The "tetris triste" like slow rainy colors and forms, dealing with us back to earth, with a certain humour, elegant derision.
:: medicamentosa ends on the track "nana veloz", another style exercice wich unfortunately have some difficulties to convince, in reason of the exceptional quality of the neighborhood.

2007, see also a well titled and "tangencial" contribution for Miga, the netlabel of Granada with an invitation to our martians friends called "UFOs, Go Home!". It is also particularly clear that the fate of that track couldn't be the same as that of "Indian Love Call" of Slim Whitman in Burton's Mars attacks.

these days, Crisopa have recently given a remixed view for the Monoceros track :: tales for silent nights, another step heralds some new and grandly joyful festivities to come.

16 février 2008

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