28 juillet 2007

Jacques Luley ::

Jacques Luley is unfortunately for us, fortunately offline ...

:: JL (courtesy of jujuart)

27 juillet 2007

Freund der familie :: avalanche ep

apparently these words arrive late on the date of release of these 20 minutes of avalanche - this does not prevent us from saying all it although we think of this Berliner duet - Klaus Hunger & Mirko Rakete are practicing a microfusion as intense as it is deep and "hilare" is the friend until we wait

:: cism
:: FDF

25 juillet 2007

Jochen Heym :: deconstructed emotions

:: m07v.moozi
:: m00v.moozi
:: Jochen Heym

project 168 :: 72 of 663

faithful to a great intellectual rigour and an aesthetic requirement quite as rigorous, m00v.moozi is, quite discreetly, writing a new page for what should be a real multimedia vision of the netlabelling - Thus, this selection of 72 relevant tracks extracted from one of the best experiments in music online, allows to consider the "future of music" rather peacefully - a reference

:: m06v.moozi
:: m00v.moozi
<< project 168

21 juillet 2007

Audioglider :: sunspots ep

:: foem
:: Audioglider

720x120 :: Rich.vom.Dorf

rvd01 / juillet 2007

:: Fourth guest of 720x120 visual project, Rich.vom.Dorf. (RVD)is born in 1981, and currently lives in Hamburg. Rich works as media designer (at "Khujo" clothing brand) and have contributions at "Bagazine" - cover artworks for "Kreislauf" - "Laminim" - "Loopzilla" - "Inoquo" - "SSS" - ... - grafx for "Subculture Magazine" - wrote reports for "Raveline" & "Freshguide" - 7th rank at the "Busy Beaver Button Design Contest" - Rich have also released some music at different weblabels - paints postcards.....
His entire contribution to this project can be found on the dedicated :: 720x120

:: richthevillageboy
:: Rich.vom.Dorf
:: Bagazine

11 juillet 2007

5w :: netaudio.es

1who ?
:: netaudio.es
2what ?
:: a weekend spanish netlabel meeting featuring audio-video performances, workshops, discussions and community events.
3where ?
:: physically in barcelona
4when ?
:: end 2007
5why ?
:: first national netaudio event willing to stablish some common directions for the future of netlabels

:: netaudio.es
:: thanks to Applejux

Pangea :: latimeria

10 juillet 2007

Christopher Petit :: radio on

comment ... no, and probably for the reason we sometimes feel in perfect osmosis with an event which will change your gradual perception of life - an ufo reminiscence from the past and, beyond the cult status, this perfect masterpiece from 1979 may easily still be a sign of recognition for those who a musical desincarnation quality of life affects. thanks to Christopher Petit, director of a visionary kind, he surely made some people feel less alone with their thoughts and a certain search of modern interstices during the early days of 1980 and long time afterwards.

:: les films du paradoxe

8 juillet 2007

Emmerichk :: asteroid

Sometimes, it is not very difficult to say why this or why that.
THIS "asteroid" is a pure success for all retro-futuristic followers of clear lines and vast soundscapes spectra addicts.
THAT "asteroid" is also a sound pearl realized with intelligence, and much, of this particular "savoir-faire" that you may found in some prestigious technopop laboratories

:: archive.org
<< nebadon for yuki yaki
<< frandalanke ep for filtro

6 juillet 2007

Phasen :: yesterday was tomorrow ep

:: i/o

Laurent Batailley :: 720x120

2007.07.06 // Suggested Soundtrack » Holden - Lump / juillet 2007

third guest of 720x120 noCo side-project, here is Laurent Batailley. Accomplice of various experiments, in particular for the netscene, Laurent Batailley is a photographer and coordinator of a splendid blog practising a form of fusion between music and image - merci Laurent.

:: Laurent Batailley
:: the questionnaire

2 juillet 2007

umanuvem***** ** :: / YOUR. NOISE.

noCo...mment have been recently invited by the relevant blog concept umanuvem***** ** to give a personal selection (it was so difficult...) of 5 tracks, for the project /YOUR. NOISE. Previous guests of this interesting project were :: Jukka Reverberi, Enrico (enver) Veronese, Hedvika, Enzo Baruffaldi, Marina Pierri, Andrea Girolami, Daniele Giovannini, Jonathan Clancy and Maxcar.
thanks to umanuvem***** **

:: umanuvem***** **

FeldFunker :: beyond the moon

To inaugurate its second ten, the Kreislauf label offers us a space flight - a magic of pop culture 70's spirit worthy from the greatest scenarios of cinema and I think in particular to the marvellous productions of Richard Fleisher, Irwin Allen, Thunderbirds, Man from Uncle, cosmos 1999 (for the suits and Martin Landau), without forgetting the masterpieces like "forbidden planet" or "Colossus: The Forbin Project" (remember the tremendous computer voice...) - Anyway, the moon of Feldfunker is certainly far from a poetical Meliès vision (for example), but there is also another certainty and after just one only listen ::
where can we get a ticket for the next flight ?

:: kreislauf
:: Feldfunker

>> Beyond The Moon - The Remixes