30 septembre 2008

Phil Raymond :: absence

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+ free download under (CC) until sept 09, then cd released on the label

fractal musik # 04

initialized and coordinated by the mixmedia artist Joel Hubaut, the fractal musik project is an impressive mixing crossover of genres and arts. noCo...mment is (proud and) partly involved in the coming new edit of this sonic revue : fractal musik # 04.

3 musicians have been invited to join the project :: Max Marlow, Niteffect and Phoenelai (let's also notice the presence of Fred Debief).

Produced by station-mir, the project counts nonless than 60 participants (musicians, visual artists, writers, poets ...)

this coming new edit of fractal musik will be released on late 08, early 09.

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17 septembre 2008

cómo crear historias :: 720x120

[ ] paisaje instantaneo A / septembre 2008

[ ] paisaje instantaneo B / septembre 2008

[ ] paisaje instantaneo C / septembre 2008

"Since 2002, we are architects by the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid. In 2003, we set our own architecture office oriented to create interactive landscapes. Those are able to generate stories by themselves, so it seemed natural that the name of the office was ‘cómo crear historias’ (‘how to create stories’).
Our works move forth and back between practice and theory, in architecture, music, graphic and web design. In all of them, the main character is the user and his relation with the environment through interactive devices.
So far, we have won 5 first architecture prizes, 3 second prizes, 5 mentions and the Holcim’s European Acknowledgement Prize for Sustainable Construction.
Our projects and texts have been published in several magazines and books, such as: '1000 x European Architects', ' Guía de arquitectura de Madrid 1975 -2005', 'Postboks',' COAM Arquitectura ',' VIA quitectura ', 'Pasajes de arquitectura y urbanismo' and 'Catalogos de Arquitectura'.
We have been invited to impart courses and lectures at COAM Architecture Foundation, CEU Polytechnic School, EMU College of Arts & Architecture, the Official College of Architects of Cadiz, the Official College of Architects of Tenerife, the Official College of Architects of Logroño and the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Granada among others.
Our work has been exposed on several occasions, standing out 'Freshmadrid' travelling international exhibition, the V Ibero-American Biennale, or 'Horizons Madrid Social Housing' at the halls of the Royal Institute of British Architects and Aedes am Pfefferberg."

Based in Madrid, Mónica García Fernández and Javier Rubio are ‘cómo crear historias’.

:: cómo crear historias
:: 720x120

:: Mónica García Fernández > the questionnaire
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