31 janvier 2010

Niteffect :: plug and lay session @ cöxpon

Nous le pressentions déjà depuis fort longtemps. Comme une sorte de gourmandise, ce premier rendez-vous plug and play d'octobre 2009, à Budapest, nous permet de convenir que Niteffect est un artiste complet, autant inside que désormais, outside.

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27 janvier 2010

Kei Sato :: interpretation

interpretation, interpretational, interpretations, interpretative, a flavored and perfectly subjective tracklisting, for a particularly attractive ... interpretation - this first release of Kei Sato, sprinkled with gems titled (and proved) "interpretational" or that more discreet "interpretative" and its bewitching subtlety - Any case, this first attempt is a masterstroke and a delicate intimate promise. let us beware of the charm of the ... interprets.

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26 janvier 2010

multilink :: capsule 01 art book

" ... Multilink Magazine has always been a purposely chaotic mixture of people and ideas across as wide a variety of disciplines as possible. The idea is to celebrate the diversity of creativity while at the same time trying to highlight the common fundamentals involved ..."

"Capsule is a limited edition series of archival art books showcasing a diverse selection of contemporary artists and illustrators.

Volume one in this collectible catalogue of ideas and inspiration features the work of ten international contributors ... "

Gregory Euclide
Erik K Skodvin (Miasmah)
Alex Young
Zach Johnson (Zenvironments)

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Miquel Parera Jaques :: nx004_Automatic

... "After much time listening to jazz, jazz-rock, rock, Beethoven, contemporary music, etc. I was tired.
I no longer listen to music.
But one day came to my ears Morton Feldman, Messiaen and Cage and I revived.
I need to get back to the minimum as an exercise to avoid the existential void." ...

After such "aestetics" considerations from the author, it seems uncertain not to rush on such a release - we are not disappointed.

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cover painting by Giovanna Parera Apaza

20 janvier 2010

Dave Tucker, Ricardo Tejero, Julian Bonequi :: machinations of joy

the character runs in every direction, succession of snapshots, crossed eyes, fleeting moments, and wanderings beyond diverted happiness - then, and quite suddenly that kind of drying, a creeping aridity topped by prominent sparks - the character now runs slower but always in every direction, elusive and distant perspective, suspended time (electric soup) - crossing an evocative tribute without incident or crumpled sheet metal - suspended time, and again, this rat race all over, it will not stop.

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Artwork by Gianfranco Bonadies

17 janvier 2010

Josh Winiberg :: game over

curieux méandres, croisant dans un semi-rêve cinématographique, Barbarella et ses improbables rayons laser ricochant sur la transparence plastique, une étonnante gravité mélodique (cave) entichée de fréquences en écho, aride post-glaciation d'une mémoire de dancefloor et si d'aventure, le jeu venait à s'achever, vous n'aurez assurément pas à regretter de ne pas avoir oublier, vos jambes.

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14 janvier 2010

Systemton :: in the neighbourhood

... que s'opère la magie d'un minimalisme désincarné dans un voisinage à la matérialité évanescente, l'absolue et parfaite vacuité d'un esprit nonchalant. les lois de l'apesanteur rythmique se doivent d'être soumises à une linéarité sans faille, ni dangereuse aspérité - mission accomplie !

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Dysarthria :: don´t ask!

trouble, pain, and objectively, the specter of that horrible dumbness - "don't ask" is certainly not a work to be taken lightly - game of appearance where containment is master of an antinomian ceremony, the demonstration is darkly dazzling - this release is questioning gregarious instincts. are you ready ?

8 janvier 2010

Plaster :: B_n ep

nous sommes certes tous référencés mais, ne serions-nous pas influents pour autant ? La trajectoire de "B_n" est sans équivoque, crispation énergique, tendue à l'extrême (M2d), ou empreinte de cette fascination latente, sourde, affirmée (B_n), neuronale et cinglante, une blessure de lame givrée.

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Fred Debief :: every day...a picture every sunday...a track what's next...hu ?!?

who's speaking of nervousness? who suggests a crawling standardization of the netaudio scene? announcing the return of the discreet Fred Debief, that project looks like an evidence "Every day...a picture, Every sunday...a track, what's next...hu ?!?" - the french musician can't definitively share a single one way ticket, and this is certainly not in these places, we throw the first stone - an evidence !

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6 janvier 2010

Wolfseule :: i once stuck my finger in my eyeball and ...

Dorothea Studthoff aka Wolfseule is a (very) fascinating artist - dissident, non-conformist, a maverick advancing (very) fast out of the pack. no longer member of some standards even those, most insidious, of the actual netaudio scene, often less innovative than admirative of the pathetic mediocrity of music business - Wolfseule wrote another story, a risky history, ambitious, always experimenting, never final - the absolute negation of the ultimate product, sticky marketing, pre-digested for the hypothesis of a cultural comfort as pitiful as predictable, Wolfseule wrote another story - Then now "I once stuck my finger in my eyeball and wondered, why it hurts so much, but then I realised, that I just need to pull it out again, so I did and wiped the jelly eyeball-stuff off on my jumper, I still couldn't see then, but it didn't hurt that much anymore" is not only a title which gives some serious difficulties to the computer standard cases (such as those of this blog), than a new defiance, harvesting white noise flowers (Oh, honey...by all means....NO!), discovering an easthetic post-fieldrecordings (yesterday, amnd last night and 13 years ago), reanimating a spectral explosion of the techno genre (that must have hurt....), or the funny destroyer of collateral dogmas (marx died for my sins) - you'll understand that this project is the first cornerstone of a period in much needed - essential !

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4 janvier 2010

Hoax :: the insomnia ep

un interstice, une frontière hors limite et hors temporalité, la confrontation d'un état de semi-veille et notre prégnante réalité, un lieu mental où se frottent en lentes émulsions (crash), nos désirs, nos attentes ou quelques boucles oniriques (progress) et une plongée abyssale (thursday evening) - cette insomnie fortuite n'est heureusement pas celle des illusions perdues.

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inaugurating a coming new decade, the 24/7 opensource audio & netaudio stream, n0theen is offering us a brand new site, full of thoses precious infos about copyleft musical culture and programs - noCo...mment remains partner of this so necessary and great project

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