Jonas Ruchenhever :: somber

that silence for weeks, that noCo...mmunication shape for ages, that initial and absolute difficulty to finally share some impressions and/or words ... is far for being an objective way to characterize the "reviewer" (don't care about) behind those words, but finally - Jonas Ruchenhever is a burglar ! a very singular artist, one of those who captures your attention with great delicacy but determination, a quiet investigator for determinate and irreversible passions, an unusual guide always on the lookout for surprises - then, is it necessary to break that initial wall of incommunicability, to easily approach the imposing four parts (on its cd edit) of somber - let the charm act and take great care - striking !

> words based on a very limited cdr edit, for an upcoming netaudio release
:: amp-recs

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:: Jonas Ruchenhever > mysp.

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