Somatic Responses :: mercury

Si muter est, parfois, un art bien singulier, Il ne fait aucun doute que les frères Healy soient autant singuliers que mutants. installées bien au delà des soubresauts d'un dubstep en process de standardisation, les figures déployées ici sont issues d'éprouvettes au contenu largement plus "im" et "ex"plosif et ce n'est pas le bombardement intensif au mercure du track du même nom qui en sera la démonstration contraire - "mercury" n'est assurément pas le must have d'un illusoire été, il faudra compter sur une présence plus longue, beaucoup plus longue.

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the mix :: juillet 2006 / 2007 / 2008

juillet 2006 - retro...activity (source - views & reviews)

Passive Defence :: relate for stadtgruen
Neuf Meuf :: its cold in space for 12rec. - serein
Segue :: capitalist hippies on
v/a :: draumar um kalt sumar for sutemos

juillet 2007 - retro...activity (source - noCo...mment)

Freund der familie :: avalanche ep for cism
Jochen Heym :: deconstructed emotions for m00v.moozi
project 168 :: 72 of 663 for m00v.moozi
Audioglider :: sunspots ep for foem
Machinefabriek :: stuip/staar for one netlabel
[op3n]023 :: Martin Schulte by Marat Shibaev for op3n
Denis Mati :: consistence forms for homework
Pangea :: latimeria for enoughrecords
Christopher Petit :: radio on (dvd) for les films du paradoxe
Emmerichk :: asteroid for discos konfort
Phasen :: yesterday was tomorrow ep for i/o
Erdem Helvacioglu :: altered realities for new albion records
Post Human Era :: where i'm going half the time for TestTube
The Stringed Theory :: universal relativity for stadtgruen
ocp :: hot stuff on
FeldFunker :: beyond the moon für kreislauf

juillet 2008 - retro...activity (source - noCo...mment)

Risch :: missing monsters for petite&jolie
Applezup :: forget forgot forgotten (mixtape) for mixotic
Second Body :: 2am city lights for mahorka
Emmerichk :: 4th for yuki yaki
Ryonkt :: gray sky for resting bell
OCP :: in shorts
Jason Kahn + Gabriel Paiuk :: interrupción for homophoni
Grau :: la isla del ibuprofeno for miniatura records
Various Artists :: sgt. pepper's lonely hearts dub band 2 for qunabu
Various Artists :: in memoriam Andrey Tarkovsky for musica excentrica
Mirror Street Breakdown :: volume 1 for format noise
Segue :: a glass darkly for resting bell
Worrg :: prison story for headphonica
Alkor :: small Suburban heartbeats for kahvi collective
Max Marlow :: keep on trying for ideal techno
Ad.R :: short dance songs for TestTube
Spit It Out :: rust for haze
Javier Rubio :: condiciones de contorno for escala
various artists :: pentagonik classics compilation for pentagonik
The And Group :: the and group album, selfrelease
Manuel Daull :: nos besoins d'attachement sont aussi ceux de rupture for dernier télégramme
The Green Kingdom :: miniature forest remix for SEM

"no...Stalgia, just memory"

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Glenn Ryszko :: machine

proper to their interest for humanity, the machines have this recurring ability to produce goodness utility and extra help on absence. their production is mainly due to congeners able also to that same fonction as initial. their insignificant soul is due to their non-organic fonction, this specificity of the machines may also help humanity to gladly accept their presence in the environment - the machines are our friends.

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Creative Commons ... a humbug ?

on croit rêver ... Creative Commons France soutient les qwartz electronic music awards (sponsorisés par la spedidam,l'adami et précédement ... la sacem) de qui se moque-t'on ? - CC France, une fumisterie ?

are we dreaming ... Creative Commons France supports the "qwartz electronic music awards" ( these awards are supported by spedidam (french organism of perception and rights distribution ) adami ( company dedicated to the administration of the rights of artists & musicians ) and previously the ... sacem (french GEMA, ASCAP, PRS, SUISA, BMI, SGAE ...) - who cares ? CC France, a humbug ?

:: CC france

CC France people are, of course, kindly invited to answer (english please) to this post.

Heezen :: golden flow

Qu'on le veuille ou non, Heezen est un artiste complexe ... complexe et largement jubilatoire ! Nul doute que son "secret speech" de 2006 n'ait laissé ici une forte impression, mais c'était hier - inaugurant une très prometteuse série de "monocromatiques" pour le label inrecs, le vent a désormais tourné pour Raül Fuentes, car en insatiable homme d'investigation, il investit aujourd'hui les tourmentés fluides et nous en livre une lecture riche et autant énigmatique que ... jubilatoire (je vous le disais) - Heezen n'est pas artiste de démonstration savante et donc rédhibitoire, ces "golden flow" sont oeuvre de sensations et donc sensationnelles. Partout, l'observation est attentive et précieuse, empreinte sonore fugace, l'instantané dématérialisé d'un frottement harmonique à une réalité tout aussi furtive et à son immédiate réponse libératoire - Heezen est assurément un artiste attendu.

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Tania Mouraud :: the questionnaire

:: the questionnaire ...

:: Tania Mouraud
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Fenderchet :: the sleep

et puisqu'il s'agit là d'une totale réussite, où certains (astor bell en tête) auront ce besoin impérieux d'y trouver des filiations et autres références, afin probablement de chaperonner l'auditeur amateur de name dropping, notre réponse ainsi que notre bienveillant conseil, seront qu'il est parfois bien difficile ou simplement illusoire de bouder son plaisir.

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Christopher Hipgrave :: day

Belle économie d'effet, quintessence d'impressions évanescentes, une telle sobriété est absolument exemplaire - ascèse et élégance diurne, Christopher Hipgrave est un artiste non dénué de grâce, et "day" son évidente et première personnification.

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Microbit Project :: the long dark summer night

dissident project of the multimedia artist Evgenij Kharitonov, that summer night is by far, not that much longer or dark as announced. That night, full of sounscapes and funny populated by little creatures, is an epic, much descriptive, graphic, narrative, suggestive, well-drawn exercice fully able to satisfy unrepentant dreamers, and those disappointed by orbian wanderings of a London in an ancient future. Macro promising bits !

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Krach der Roboter :: all clear

now it is time to krouiiizik the influence of majors zbong zbong zbong because, Krach der spliff spliff tchang but onlyyyyyyy if the the the the the the the the the the the theeee zzzzzzzz iiiiii boing ! boing ! boing ! .......(neighbors knocking at the door, and we can also heard a dog barking) zum zum zum and honestly zha zha zha that is surely the best way they have-ve-ve-e-e-e-e-e .
for sure !

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Robert Rossen & OCP :: _ana_ano

... "Remixed footage from the film Mambo by Robert Rossen, with Silvana Mangano. Soundtrack by ocp; out of "FDS" released by enough records. Full download at" ... hypnotic

:: ocp > youtube

v/a :: cold fire

in the shade of the freezer - Neonicle, Tantcui Tantcui, Rabitza, Mass Fatality, Acid Mikhalych or Vadz, here are six guests of a well titled project. Six different generative representations for an hybrid sentimental and salutary glaciation.

:: russian-techno

Chris Tenz :: forlorn memories

... and after all, the better way is probably the wordless

:: soft phase
:: Chris Tenz > mysp.

PNFA :: polybean

second release of Wolfram Gruss for arteqcue, this ep confirms the unstoppable artistic rigor and talent of a man who can trigger the opening of soundscapes. these three polybean are pure seeds of happiness, we look forward to the flowering.

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Philip Sulidae :: southwest

Au delà du simple déplacement, et peut-être d'un "exotisme" aussi subjectif que suranné, "southwest" est une réalisation très intriguante. Voici l'une de ces nouvelles approches où dominent largement des impressions, elles-aussi, intellectuellement stimulantes et novatrices. Ainsi, fort de la collaboration active de recording fields issus d'expériences géographiques , Philip Sulidae nous offre une belle combinaison atmosphérique de ces extractions environnementales. Si le ton général semble sombre, celà est, somme toute, assez naturel car il y a assez peu de lumière sous la surface des choses. creusons !

:: audiotalaia
:: Philip Sulidae > mysp.

Simple :: casual sex

an insiduous convergence, except for that "detached robot fuck" apparently lost in the corridors. Simple gives us a synthesis to an absolute ... pleasure but unfortunately casual experience.

:: casual sex ep >
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Monolake :: der 517. tag der mission

free track of the month / june 2009

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Platform :: open grid diffusion

relativiser ses enthousiasmes.
relativiser ses enthousiasmes.
relativiser ses enthousiasmes, obturer et ne rien laisser passer.
relativiser ses enthousiasmes, diluer, diluer, diluer, diluer et divertir.
les mailles du filet - maintenir et édulcorer le réseau.
diluer, diluer, diluer et relativiser ses enthousiasmes conséquemment - divertir.
pratiquer la mise sous vide émotionnel comme un art ... martial

this platform is no longer under control !

:: escala
:: platform > mysp
:: minimal resource manipulation

artwork by noi

Аккордiон :: e2-e4

Konstantin Timoshenko & Roman Bliznetsov sont l'improbable combinaison que nous attendions, le cliquetis nacré symbiotique - mat !

:: top 40
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Collin Thomas :: windows / walks

it was probably, but i'm not that sure, don't remember yet, there was that flux of distant vehicles brewing an air saturated with harmonic particles, maintaining our attention active and this suspended echo on things and walls - Time may have stopped, how important ? a parenthesis - a time out dressed of stretching and languid atmospheres - oh and ... also the remain of a postcard or was it a photo, yes a nice piano photo, but now i have to go back, just in case

:: collin thomas

the mix :: juin 2006 / 2007 / 2008

juin 2006 - retro...activity (source - views & reviews)

v/a :: summer lights for EKO (iod)
v/a :: movin on for minusn
Breaks The Blank Day :: s/t for kikapu
Plosive :: one remixes for one netlabel
Sascha Muller :: system 100 for top 40
Martin Schulte :: underwater ep for tropic
The Green Kingdom :: lucky bamboo for EKO (iod)
PolarProject :: urban nomad for filaments recordings (deleted)
DAF :: toy story for laverna

juin 2007 - retro...activity (source - noCo...mment)

This Mess Is Mine :: sign the drafts EP for aerotone
Veem :: the return for kikapu
Marsen Jules :: golden for genesungswerk
Lezrod :: genki for zymogen (vol1) & test tube (vol2)
Laura Palmer :: background for thinner
v/a :: celebration compilation # 03 for 1bit-wonder
Phoenelai :: phoensnd ep - limmin lp for retinascan
Dissolved :: the silica sleep coils for metanoia (
3tronik : anpassung for sutemos
Engine Ear :: start the engine for kreislauf
amphetax :: so near so far EP for microme
Nol’ :: orange for sharing my wings
Polina Voronova :: luxurious for musica excentrica
Misk :: pathos for qunabu
Buben :: lever for protoplazma
The Green Kingdom :: the green kingdom for SEMlabel
ps :: friends reinterpretations of unreleased 332 variations vol. 1 for test tube

juin 2008 - retro...activity (source - noCo...mment)

v/a :: nnts03 - the best of NTNS radio for ntns radio
v/a :: for audiovisual theorem
Schurer :: parallax for domizil
Antanas Jasenka :: nyc_001 for myspacetv
Luigi Archetti :: fragments on speed, slowless and tedium for domizil
Peres One :: twisted souls for vorbic
Takeshi Nakamura :: sound effect collage for / weird elements
Silencide :: gravity offence for ego
audio_z :: breaking the waves for zeromoon
Jimmy Behan :: in the sudden distance for zymogen
Silent Bells :: mozaïc for fresh poulp records
Craque :: material for kahvi collective
Normal :: storm for just not normal
Robert Rental :: mental detentions (1979) at mutant sounds
Otolathe :: enter alia for meatronic
TV Victor :: tempelhof-graz for bruit
Der 3. Pol :: zoo of zoom for bruit
monographic 024 :: clinical archives for inq-mag
v/a :: test tube collected works 076 - 124 for test tube
Sanya D. :: loop until death for bump foot
Psonikadia :: sounds from niburu for xynthetic
Fabrics :: haute couture for xynthetic

no...stalgia just memory !

Tatsu :: internet dependence syndrom

With an elegant and objective requalification of his work, Tatsu makes benevolent changes to his smart reputation. These "ids" releases, have taken a real depth, even if Tatsu still refuses an illusory intellectualism. soft and fine ? the main and last words belongs to him ... couper decaler.

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