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informal transcription - "primor_no_amor" (at the beginning of love) ... MiMinhos, of the Boiar collective, is the place where you urgently have to check it out those early beginnings of a becoming consuming passion (and it is not the first time for these guys) - useless of trying to calm those ardors, Boiar, is synonym for uprising experimentations, or should we talk of incandescent researches - (delicadeza_a_sua_alteza) embryonic smokes for larval explosion - "regalo_de_estalo" will leave you tense as a bow, buttressed at breaking point - unlikely loophole - never devoid of (some) form of classical structure (carinho_com_vinho) when abrasiveness rhymes with excitement - anyway, if you still need to breath, remains a questão de segurança ... burlesque !

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