Applezup :: forget forgot forgotten

01 Drole - Conflicto De Hogares (Sumergido RMX)
02 Max Marlow - Skorpion
03 Nulleins - Multiplex
04 Manuel Romero - Despertar
05 Laura Palmer - Missed
06 Dimdj - Late Edit
07 Meiker - Naranja (That Nostalgic Feeling)
08 Martin Donath - Foresight
09 Max Marlow - Steinbock
10 Mike Breitfeld - Lightwashcitynights
11 The Suffragettes - Everything Counts
12 Lucas Romagnuolo - Lo Que Hay Debajo De Mi Cama

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kazoomzoom :: netlabel for kids

Welcome to Kazoomzoom, historical as the world's very first netlabel devoted to children. they provide kids with free music, audio books, stories, art and printable toys ...

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Various Artists :: sgt. pepper's lonely hearts dub band 2

01. Dubsuite "Schlafschlauch"
02. Biodub "Embers"
03. Das Kraftfuttermischwerk "Downunder The Moon"
04. Segue "Tempo"
05. Dubatech "Nazim"
06. Zzzzra "Mecanographie Phase 2 (Mike Dereyen remix)"
07. OCP "Indubitable"
08. Echo_TM "Dub Is The Law"
09. Dubjack "Volatilismo"
10. Liquid Level "Yearning"
11. Experimenthal Dubbing Sessions "Broke Mi Nekk"
12. Peak "Darksuite"

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Silencide :: the questionnaire

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Various Artists :: in memoriam Andrey Tarkovsky

01 "The Little Apocrypha" by Kim Cascone
02 "The Dark Side of The Mirror" by ASTRO/Hiroshi Hasegawa
03 "Xata" by Violet
04 "Marshlands" by 833-45
05 "October 30, 1993" by Kenneth Kirschner
06 "Autumn Drifting" by Astrowind
07 "Water" by Pink Twins
08 "Stalker" by Alva Noto
09 "In Memoriam Andrey Tarkovsky" by Nobukazu Takemura
10 "Sphere" by Nikita Golyshev

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Judy Nylon :: the questionnaire

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Judy :: "maybe I could post a link to the Aether site. We would like it known that we also work with a new composer at each presentation, often live performances from the downlink location. We provide them with the co-authored script and related foley sound samples and there are usually 2 web based rehearsals before the show. We are doing ISEA and then the next live remote performance is in London at the tenderpixel gallery" ...

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Segue :: a glass darkly

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Worrg :: prison story

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Scott Monteith / Deadbeat :: the questionnaire

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The And Group :: the and group album

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Manuel Daull :: nos besoins d'attachement sont aussi ceux de rupture

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:: M.Daull in "portraits d'écrivains en Franche-Comté" of Eric Toulot
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a french edition

psyCodEd :: 720x120

energy - machines - nature / juillet 2008

"A combination that should exist in harmony; but it doesnt.
The Earthling seems not to be ready to take something from nature without stealing it completely.
Machines are taking over slowely, and there are only a few left who are able to control them.
But dont fuck with mother earth - one day we will all render account!
So choose now, and make your decision sagacious.

We need our planet more than 70 years."

Art on the edge of Data loss - psyCodEd is a photographer and an electronic musician. He is actually living in Cologne.

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