Astrowind :: fresh wind in the valley of dreams

it is always funny to read those sort of press relative short cuts that you can find to express the average opinion about films, albums ... "amazing !", "awesome !" "the first step for a new generation" - if you want to be certain to be checked for such an objective adjective, may sure to prepare it ... "what a breath of fresh air !" will be easily an answer, but if you look closer, you have to also checked the nature of that valley of dreams - are they so sweet ? - impro recordings from 2007 sessions in a Riga studio, this album is dedicated to "first space walking man", Алексе́й Лео́нов, this fresh wind confirms, once again, a capacity of crossover between genre early classicism and a dynamic approach for modern writing, sort of signature for Kriipis Tulo and Mahi Bukimi, a recurrence since "Into Vernadsky" for 12rec. and maybe more since their major release for resting bell, "der leuchtturm". Astrowind definitely needs big spaces for their major dreams.

:: silent flow netlabel
:: Astrowind

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