Hannah M.G. Shapero :: my name is marietta cashman

fascinating testimony of another time, where even concrete music was fully weird and totally abstract, the story of these historical recordings of Miss Shapero is the one of an Alice in wonderland. that story is also made of that typical fascination for the machines that you may found in any text and archives from those quite early days of electronic music - a time where "creation & technic" were both still magical and often expressed by a spark, a time where workshops and creation labs were coveted by other authentical multimedia artists sincerely loving creation, and less desired by artists of finance. "my name is marietta cashman" is a real delicacy, one of those with a very particular taste of jubilant discoveries for the creator and the listener, no pretence in there. this release is a perfect invitation for sharing ideas, welcome Mademoiselle Cashman.

:: just not normal
:: Hannah Michael Gale Shapero
:: wikipedia > Harold Shapero

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