720X120 :: tomm.

PI / novembre 2007 - polaroid by stecco333

"I was born in milan in 1979. graphic designer. (…). umanuvem***** **. a simple page to stop by and cherish the sounds which. meanwhile. the other things. a mountain the snow a hot stove. that. cherry tree. the smell of the sea and. (the books). my bike. activism. photographs. (records. records. records). on vitaminic.it -for the very first time- i try and tell the tale of what i am listening to."

Tommaso Belletti ( aka tomm ) have many relevant activities ::
He is writing for vitaminic and coordinates the blog umanuvem***** **. tomm also describes himself as a social activist, that’s already sure, we think.
Grazie tomm.

:: umanuvem***** **
:: vitaminic

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