various artists :: autumntronics

01: lopazz - right in your face
02: jürgen frey - first 17
03: elfish echo - terrarism #02
04: marco lucchi - (as riddled as) the tide
05: alex cortex - slanting roof jam
06: night-time epitome - sinreja
07: 8m2stereo - bea
08: celer - climate change
09: bad cop bad cop - à bientôt

combined with our calendar news about Alex Cortex contribution to ::the questionnaire project, is this compilation for pathmusick - A release far from any sad and bucolic autumnal walks in some forest full of orange, brown make-up and sinister chestnut. Tasty at his best, great tracks (see immense such as the opening "right in your face" of Lopazz) succeeding to other impressive atmospheric collaborations or even strong industri...ous tendencies.
some great art to tastes adaptation. highly recommended!

:: pathmusick

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