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it was a long time that i wanted to experiment an editorialist workshop - a sort of live review as a dj set - this particular release deserves an editorialist experimentation - Then, what about a live construction of a review ? an unfinished building site of writing in progress for a special birthday more promised to a cure of perpetual youth than to nostalgia ? let's try it, and see the result - your live comments are, of course, naturally welcomed ...

Day one, it was last saturday, sept. 1st, wake up too early after an awful night. bad mood. My first reflexion goes to the fact that, as many concerned people of the scene, i'm waiting for this compilation announced by a few mails from Mogwai. As usual my first reflex is to go to - Kreislauf, as a sort of dandy reflex, systematically puts a point of honor for being the first release announced each month on this particular site - phlow seems to have some update problems - bad mood.
But let's just talk music - let's just remember this initial surprise on first listening this "seite 1" intitled "Low Flying Fragments" - first smile of this french sunny morning, i like the idea of "seite", is it a reader reflex ? a promise of "seite 2" then seite 3 ? ... "low flying fragments" after a promising multiple "seiten", the atmosphere is going is weighed down - we will not wait for long - the extreme gravity of the awesome track of DeTrop is immediately collecting your attention and do not slacken the pressure - welcome to the birthday party ! ...

But from now, we are entering in a discreet area, a whispered appointment in a lonely place of evanescent and organic drones (Night-Time Epitome), a place of fractal stains images for Metafame, recently escaped from the brilliant “sooner ep” – from the time, the doors seem to open, ones after the others, it is probable that some of us will lose themselves there in this maze, however so coherent, and it is so much better for everyone ...

7 septembre – 11 :30 (don't want to write in my usual and suspect frenglish) C’est étonnant comme certains tracks ont parfois cette magie d’un quotidien illustré, l'untitled de Martin Maischein en fait partie, une parfaite osmose avec notre perception générale. Sans autre incidence, que d'être là, en une sorte de suspension latente, ils viennent se coller à votre vie, simplement s’implémenter sans complexe, devenir la bande son, toutefois provisoire, d’une réalité « enhanced » ...

Each time I meet the name of Alex Cortex somewhere, there is always a enigma for me, I cannot perceive the globality of this important artist - so much worse for me, his 'archive of 98' does not derogate from the mystery - I must invite him to::the questionnaire, we will know some more ...

Ah … ‘walaskjalf’, If I had to go back on a previous review words for the blog views&reviews, and opinion on the “skyland” of Max Marlow, today … I should probably said that these words (from January 2007) were far from being sufficiently “consistent” because I am not far from thinking that "skyland" is, to date, the best release of the Berliner - am I the only one to think it?

Well, about the “nummer acht” And in a recent e-mail, the same Mister Marlow was writing me “…also jungle wires sounds like the 'afterhour' of the world after mankind, like my track is telling about the deathmatch of it with all those horsewagons and red flags on top of dead bodies - right in before…” I must say I mostly agree on this so neo-expressionist vision, maybe we will talk more about someday or another...

13 september 17:34 - I like the idea of displacement in Niteffect, its "last mohawk" opens horizons for geographical and human delicacies - is "last mohawk" ... a (nomad) cake ?

8 novembre 17:51 - Sursaut quasi hivernal soudain ? à moins que ce ne soit l’amical rappel à l’ordre de l’homme à la casquette en début de semaine, nous voici à nouveau penché sur ces vastes entrelacs de sombres soundscapes tels cette sourde ellipse d’ouverture du lancinant « rch » de Messieurs Omas fgt et Patrice Valota , fascinant dédale secrets de (shock ?) corridors et échos aveugles, the « velvet stars » will not be to any help, He-lux have decided to better mislay you in order to make you numb with some rhythmic abstractions and uncertain voices exercice.

uuu :: Unregular Upcoming Updates ... and following



Low Flying Fragments

01 DeTrop - Winters Night
02 Night-Time Epitome - Visto Así
03 metaFame - Avive
04 Martin Maischein - Untitled
05 Mezzotron - Linie 1
06 Alex Cortex - Archive Track From 1998
07 Max Marlow - Walaskjalf
08 thierry massard - Jungle Wires (SüBE Version)
09 Niteffect - Last Mohawk
10 Omas FGT featuring Patrice Valota - Rch
11 He-Lux - Velvet Stars
12 choenyi - PTP
13 Drugs Made Me Smarter - The Biology Of Love
14 Rich.vom.Dorf. - Money Makes The People Blues
15 Dennsensein - Meine Gedanken Kleben
16 Beautiful Planet Earth - Kinder Der Nacht
17 Two_EM - Nova Silence
18 Dreza - Trionin (Nick Otheen Remix)
19 Bad Cop Bad Cop - Janet Plazz

Up Up And Away

20 Tuna - T-Rex-Sox
21 Muun & Villhauer - Entschuldigung Struppi
22 Ixmati - 10
23 Vai - Kreislaufstörung
24 Granlab - Backyard Wildlife
25 Cyan341 - Polydrafter
26 Baier/Box - Drama
27 Dr.Nojoke - Monsterlulle
28 Docma - Tanz Der Elemente
29 Lopazz - Blue
30 The Rex Kramer Experience - Woodwould
31 Yaxed - Cthulhu
32 Tails - Kommunikation Offline
33 Jens Beese - My Kittchen Rocks
34 MarceXL - Can You Feel The Desire
35 Alpha Human - Go On Party Tribe
36 Markus Newton - Springonmoon
37 Christoph Schindling - Somewhere Far Away
38 FeldFunker - Abschied Von Der Zeit

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