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Dorothea Studthoff aka Wolfseule is a (very) fascinating artist - dissident, non-conformist, a maverick advancing (very) fast out of the pack. no longer member of some standards even those, most insidious, of the actual netaudio scene, often less innovative than admirative of the pathetic mediocrity of music business - Wolfseule wrote another story, a risky history, ambitious, always experimenting, never final - the absolute negation of the ultimate product, sticky marketing, pre-digested for the hypothesis of a cultural comfort as pitiful as predictable, Wolfseule wrote another story - Then now "I once stuck my finger in my eyeball and wondered, why it hurts so much, but then I realised, that I just need to pull it out again, so I did and wiped the jelly eyeball-stuff off on my jumper, I still couldn't see then, but it didn't hurt that much anymore" is not only a title which gives some serious difficulties to the computer standard cases (such as those of this blog), than a new defiance, harvesting white noise flowers (Oh, honey...by all means....NO!), discovering an easthetic post-fieldrecordings (yesterday, amnd last night and 13 years ago), reanimating a spectral explosion of the techno genre (that must have hurt....), or the funny destroyer of collateral dogmas (marx died for my sins) - you'll understand that this project is the first cornerstone of a period in much needed - essential !

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