Various Artists :: indistinct passages and encounters

01. Black Dreams :: Black Planet
02. Joris. J :: Breakfast with Carl du Prel
03. V.I.K.I. :: Ballade pour l'Inconnue de la Seine
04. My Gloomy Machine :: La Dernière Goutte
05. Ryan Laccohee :: Rainmaker
06. Paddo One :: Lead in yer face
07. Richard Wilmer Vs the white noise organization :: i wish i could see you
08. RedSK :: Walks With Tha Spirit Pooch (Feat. Insideout028 & teh soup rebellion)
09. CINIK :: the distance between the black and red seas
10. Euhedral :: the sweeping robes of the dark lord polish my livingroom-floor
11. My Pet Zombie Frankie :: my dog ate a bag of sugar 1
12. Wolfseule :: Putting the "nervous" back into nervous system
13. ALT :: Pulse II

a title in form of casual walking for 13 guests in high density, this trial run of that new label from the midlands is a deep and original avant-garde masterstroke.

:: aReW recordings

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