the mix :: juillet 2006 / 2007 / 2008

juillet 2006 - retro...activity (source - views & reviews)

Passive Defence :: relate for stadtgruen
Neuf Meuf :: its cold in space for 12rec. - serein
Segue :: capitalist hippies on
v/a :: draumar um kalt sumar for sutemos

juillet 2007 - retro...activity (source - noCo...mment)

Freund der familie :: avalanche ep for cism
Jochen Heym :: deconstructed emotions for m00v.moozi
project 168 :: 72 of 663 for m00v.moozi
Audioglider :: sunspots ep for foem
Machinefabriek :: stuip/staar for one netlabel
[op3n]023 :: Martin Schulte by Marat Shibaev for op3n
Denis Mati :: consistence forms for homework
Pangea :: latimeria for enoughrecords
Christopher Petit :: radio on (dvd) for les films du paradoxe
Emmerichk :: asteroid for discos konfort
Phasen :: yesterday was tomorrow ep for i/o
Erdem Helvacioglu :: altered realities for new albion records
Post Human Era :: where i'm going half the time for TestTube
The Stringed Theory :: universal relativity for stadtgruen
ocp :: hot stuff on
FeldFunker :: beyond the moon für kreislauf

juillet 2008 - retro...activity (source - noCo...mment)

Risch :: missing monsters for petite&jolie
Applezup :: forget forgot forgotten (mixtape) for mixotic
Second Body :: 2am city lights for mahorka
Emmerichk :: 4th for yuki yaki
Ryonkt :: gray sky for resting bell
OCP :: in shorts
Jason Kahn + Gabriel Paiuk :: interrupción for homophoni
Grau :: la isla del ibuprofeno for miniatura records
Various Artists :: sgt. pepper's lonely hearts dub band 2 for qunabu
Various Artists :: in memoriam Andrey Tarkovsky for musica excentrica
Mirror Street Breakdown :: volume 1 for format noise
Segue :: a glass darkly for resting bell
Worrg :: prison story for headphonica
Alkor :: small Suburban heartbeats for kahvi collective
Max Marlow :: keep on trying for ideal techno
Ad.R :: short dance songs for TestTube
Spit It Out :: rust for haze
Javier Rubio :: condiciones de contorno for escala
various artists :: pentagonik classics compilation for pentagonik
The And Group :: the and group album, selfrelease
Manuel Daull :: nos besoins d'attachement sont aussi ceux de rupture for dernier télégramme
The Green Kingdom :: miniature forest remix for SEM

"no...Stalgia, just memory"

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