OCP :: hot stuff

a little more than 59 minutes of a dub stretching exercice as pleasant as soul ... relaxing - unfortunately, the presentation text is misplaced.

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  1. Hi Thierry!

    After reading your review I felt obliged to make myself clear about the statement I made in the "hot stuff" release.
    It's sometimes difficult to come up with names for my songs.
    I did "1234", "sound check", then "A to J" and "K to T" so that I didn't have to name tracks.
    To me it's all about the process; when I'm done, the songs kind of have a life of their own.
    I wouldn't mind if listeners named the tracks!
    In this album (as in "sound check") I compiled a series of tracks, hard mixed them, and named it "hot stuff"; instead of coming up with 10 or 13 different names, I used only one.
    The cover has dog poop as "the hot stuff"...
    What one might "read" between the lines has nothing to do with what is heard.
    I was missing the irreverence I had in my teens so I went for that picture!
    It has been my greatest hit so far: almost 15000 downloads.
    So, the statement is not to be taken as "I don't care what people write about it or if they write at all".
    And the readings can be as many as the people that read it.
    To some it might even be "cool" instead of "hot"!
    I just hope my words don't betray me (again).

    Best regards,
    João Ricardo

  2. you are welcome João,
    many thanks for this lighting explanation - noCo is your place

    à bientôt
    thierry massard