720x120 :: Rich.vom.Dorf

rvd01 / juillet 2007

:: Fourth guest of 720x120 visual project, Rich.vom.Dorf. (RVD)is born in 1981, and currently lives in Hamburg. Rich works as media designer (at "Khujo" clothing brand) and have contributions at "Bagazine" - cover artworks for "Kreislauf" - "Laminim" - "Loopzilla" - "Inoquo" - "SSS" - ... - grafx for "Subculture Magazine" - wrote reports for "Raveline" & "Freshguide" - 7th rank at the "Busy Beaver Button Design Contest" - Rich have also released some music at different weblabels - paints postcards.....
His entire contribution to this project can be found on the dedicated :: 720x120

:: richthevillageboy
:: Rich.vom.Dorf
:: Bagazine

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