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please, let's have an (rather clinical) objective look on the zancing's keywords on archive.org ... you will have a mmmh possible shortcut(s) of the ZooGoo possibilities :: Depression; Abrupt changes in behavior; Mood swings; Crying spells; Recent grief or loss; Changes in school performance; Giving away treasured belongings; Suicidal threats; Hopelessness; Talking about suicide; Experimentation; Electronic; experimental; IDM; industrial; ambient; psychotic; bipolar; jazz core; breakcore; electro; breakbeat; technology; brain; confusion; hallucination; netlabel; hard to classify; rad; nifty; cool; zip; mp3; free; dsp; abstract; field recordings; chaos; instrumental; acapela; sound design; dark ambient; glitch; electro-acoustic; found sound; future; sci-fi; science fiction; cyberpunk; insect; sound collage; sound art; electro acoustic; Sound poetry; Cinema pour l'oreille; Harsh Noise; Creative Obsession; weird; crazy; strange; bizarre; out of this world; mind bending; lsd; dmt; dxm; vst; DAW; modular; mushrooms; tripping; drugs; sex; love; fetish; plunderphonics; generative music; effects; delay; reverb; distortion; hybrid ... mmmh, you are mmmh well mmmh come, Samuel Glaser is back and ... you are welcome.

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