Jonas Ruchenhever :: night shift

[a frenglish experimentation]

As a regular crisis i'm terribly sorry, so sorry to say that, once again, i'm definitively not addicted to that general standard recognition of imperious genres ... drone ? do you mean, on a semantic approach, renouncement, spy abuse ? abandon ? drone ? what an awful possible segmentation for such a release with that audacious potential, a crossover between night shift (thanks), air amplitude and (épaisseur), suspension, immaterial surface of things and ... materiality emergence, grey soundscapes from an absolute and probable cold sea (so addictive), in between lines interactivity, 33 minutes de sursauts de matières à la linéarité graduelle, dissimulated natural intelligence, rebellions fuyantes , ou cette maitrise manifeste de la non lévitation ... what were we previously talking about ? oh yes ... drone

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