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Since now a few yea...times and far from a hype and/or simple tabula rasa or nihilistic vision on things (oh sweet nothing) is the incredible creative profusion of the netaudio scene, especially on the open source protocols and some places, like this one, can testify days after days.

No longer an epiphenomenon, the netscene is now a real blade substance and, we are likely to be convinced, perhaps, incidentally, the future of ... music ! - it will be a lack of taste to be absent, isn't it?

after a few tons of mails, abyssal conversations, hours and centuries of procrastinations and positive hesitation, Nicolas None, mixmedia artist, initiator of the project, with the complicity of the great webactivist Mogwai from Kreislauf and a Frenchy who passed through here, have decided to give a window, a sound to some daily enthusiasms and more, to all those fabulous musicians and actors of the scene - it so deserves.

in the coming days (and weeks), n0theen will improved and progressed the project, we just hope you will join and share aswell this great new adventure - thank you.

thierry massard - iC°n°...clast

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